Arch. Lecturer Presents at Architects Association of Peru Roundtable

René Peralta, a lecturer with the Division of Architecture, recently presented a roundtable on the San Diego-Tijuana area for the Architects Association of Peru’s Lima Region. The event, titled “The Fragile Movement: Understanding the Modern Monument and the Ephemeral Persistence of Walter Weberhofer,” featured several architects with expertise in different cities across the Americas. 

According to the experts that presented during the roundtable, “Monuments can be feats of engineering and architecture used to connect the present with the past and pass down a legacy. However, today, monuments are under constant threat: they can become outdated symbols or no longer be in vogue with the public. How do we conserve important and significant buildings while they are still considered relevant? The work of one of Peru’s best modern architects Walter Weberhofer (1923- 2002) could help us understand how to preserve buildings whose importance will not fade over time.” 

To watch the full session (in Spanish), click here.  

Photo credit: Stefan Falke