Arch. Teaching Fellow Awarded Research Enhancement Funding 

Dr. Xiaobo Quan, a Violeta Autumn Teaching Fellow of Architecture, was recently awarded funding as a part of the Gibb’s College of Architecture’s Program for Research Enhancement. Each year, this merit-based program grants funds to Gibb’s faculty members in order to increase their research and creative activities. 

Dr. Quan received the grant to pursue his project Identifying High-impact Environmental Factors for Improving Emergency Care Performance. Through his study, Dr. Quan aims to identify the impact of the physical environment in emergency departments on the length of stay (LOS).  

The prolonged LOS in emergency care facilities is posing a big threat to the healthcare industry by causing medical errors, delays, and complications. Previous research indirectly suggests that environmental factors such as spatial visibility, adjacency of key functional spaces, room sizes, and daylight may impact the LOS of emergency departments.  

In collaboration with a physician from Hillcrest Medical Center, Dr. Quan will conduct studies to determine the key environmental factors that affect the LOS. With these results, Dr. Quan hopes to inform future design evaluations to improve healthcare facilities and promote innovation in the industry.