Architecture Prof. Presents Universal Design to Tulsa Commercial Realtors

David Boeck, associate professor of Architecture, recently presented at the CRE – Fair Housing for Commercial Real Estate workshop hosted by Tulsa Commercial Realtors. He discussed the design and implementation issues regarding accessibility in housing. His presentation included information on universal design and crime prevention through environmental design, Professor Boeck’s research specialties. Boeck’s presentation also included the common pitfalls related to new construction, renovation, and adaptive reuse.  

Professor Boeck writes, “The reason it is important for commercial realtors to understand accessibility and the Americans With Disabilities Act, is the fact that these regulations were passed by Congress to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to live their lives as completely free and independently as possible. […] Realtors help clients buy and sell buildings and if our goal is to have all buildings be accessible for all users, then having agents participating in a process where they can assist in make this work, is important.”