Architecture Professor Presents to Oklahoma ACI

Daniel Butko, AIA, Associate Professor in the Division of Architecture, and Zach Maggia, AIA, OU Alumnus and Architect with TAP Architecture were recently invited to present their ADALAC acoustic concrete research to the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Concrete Institute.  

Their research on ADALAC (Acoustically Diffuse & Absorbent Lightweight Aerated Concrete) explores the relationship between material and geometry to use concrete in a different way. Dan and Zach began with some basic acoustical background and explained how the entire research project is based on data-driven design and material science.  

The pair also recently presented their ADALAC research at the AIA Oklahoma Conference (read more about their presentation here). They were also recognized as winners of ARCHITECT Magazine’s R+D Awards for their work with ADALAC acoustic concrete research (read more about the award here).  

Butko and Maggia will also present the research at the upcoming ACI Convention/Conference where the union of acoustical design and concrete development will be celebrated. 

Congratulations to Butko and Maggia on their amazing research and continued recognition!