Architecture Students Present Reconstructing Incarceration Exhibition at MAINSITE Gallery

5th Year Architecture Students recently installed an exhibition titled “Reconstructing Incarceration” at MAINSITE Contemporary Art Gallery. The exhibition presented the students’ work from the special topics studio taught by Prof. Marjorie Callahan and Dr. Keith Gaddie. Explore the virtual tour of the exhibition below.

The exhibition and the students’ work “aims to create design solutions to the defects we found in the current jail system we have today in America.” Using the Oklahoma County Jail as a case study, the student redesigned every aspect of the jail focusing on the themes of “autonomy among detainees, a building modeled after mixed-use development, and community involvement.”  

Left: Model of the current Oklahoma County Jail / Right: Model of the students’ redesigned facility

The exhibit was split into five main parts: Master Plan, Cottage Design, Exterior Spaces, Gathering, and Jail Tech. Visitors to the exhibit could explore the students’ designs, and in many portions, they were able to interact with the exhibit in order to understand the principles of incarceration that the students chose to focus on, including deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, and rehabilitation. 

The students also traveled to Washington DC earlier this semester to present their project to the State Department. To read more about their trip, click here.  

Read an OU Daily article about the Reconstructing Incarceration project here and a NPR StateImpact Oklahoma article here! Watch Dr. Gaddie interview about the project as well on News 9.