Award-Winning GCA Student Journal Invites Submissions

Telesis invites contributors to be a part of their award-winning journal once again. They are calling for students, practitioners and others to think about and share the meaning and future of architecture through this year’s topic: Metamedia.

  1. How is architecture – or how has it ever been – a closed or self-referential system, describing its own means and methods?
  2. How can architecture be framed in a way that is simultaneously proactive, productive, transcendent, and fluid?
  3. How can the architect become the intervening substance through which media converge to affect social change? What is our next metamedia?

The deadline to submit contributions is Monday, October 14. Contributions will be reviewed, and decisions regarding acceptance will be based on how well the contributions fits into the topic of Metamedia. Selected contributions will receive feedback and an opportunity to make revisions before being published in the second volume of the Telesis student architectural journal.


You may address the questions in a graphic manner through a:

  • Drawing
  • Photo collage
  • Design project*

These submissions must be sent in PNG or PDF, with a 100-word statement on the email describing the project and/or process. The required definition is 300 ppi, in an 8.5”x8.5” format (8.5”x17” if intended to take up the full spread). Images must be color-corrected, and might be hand-made, digital, or hybrid. (*For design projects, you may submit up to 4 images, and up to 500 words).

You may also answer the questions through written work:

  • Manifesto
  • Article
  • Creative writing

Written submissions must be submitted with a graphic aid, such as a photograph or drawing. The writing should be submitted as a Word document of between 800-3000 words.

File name convention: Last Name_First Name_Type of Submission_Title of Submission (eg. Scott_Michael_Drawing), no larger than 10 MB. All unoriginal works MUST be cited.

For submissions or questions, email by Monday, October 14, 2019.

To download the call for submissions as a PDF, click here.