Construction Science Team Takes Top Honors in TEXO/ASC Region 5 Student Competition

Led by Construction Science faculty Somik Ghosh and Lloyd Scott, a team of students recently took first place in the TEXO/ASC Region 5 Design-Build International student competition. The team was comprised of Hannah Lang (OU – CNS), Jacob Little (OU-CNS), Anika Saynyarack (OU – ARCH), and three  students from Dublin Institute of Technology, as well as  alternate team members, Brendan Ford (OU – CNS), Patrick Struble (OU-CNS), and Matthew Homsher (OU-CNS). Congratulations!

Another team, led by Construction Science faculty member Matt Reyes, took third place in the TEXO/ASC Region 5 Commercial student competition. Team members included  Matthew Aytes,  Bailey Helterbrand,  Zachary McManaman, Dennise Pedroza,  Jacob Ruhl, and  Elliott Taylor. 

Congratulations to Design-Build team members Scott Kleinschmidt, Raisul Islam, Trent Leonard, Orion Couch, Ky Sandefeur, and James Spear! This team of Construction Science and Architecture students took second place at the ASC Region 5/TEXO competition. Team coach was Dr. Tammy McCuen.