Division of Architecture Exhibit Features Student Analyses of “Architectural Agendas”

University of Oklahoma Architecture Theory and Criticism

The third-annual “Architectural Agendas: An Exhibition of Contemporary Design Discourse” display presents graduate and upper-division undergraduate students’ analyses of over 20 contemporary architectural theory and history media, including the journals Perspecta, Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly, Lotus International, Architectural Research Quarterly and more. The students are advised by Prof. Deborah Richards and Dr. Angela Person in the course “Research and Critical Writing” (ARCH 4543/5543).

Students were asked to familiarize themselves with a design journal and develop a poster that conveys high-level, in-depth analysis of the journal using both graphics and text. This exhibition provides students an opportunity for the students to convey their intimate personal understanding of the journal’s focus area and intended audience, why they journal may be of interest to the Gibbs College of Architecture and OU community, as well as possible research questions that may be answered by digging into these journals.

Students will continue researching projects drawing on these journals through the end of the semester, pursuing such topics as lessons learned from Olympic cities, unorthodox built environments, ecological urbanism, and more.

The posters are on display in the Gould Hall Buskuhl Gallery on Weds., April 17, and Thurs., April 18, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For questions or to request accommodations, contact Angela Person (a@ou.edu).

Check out other student work from the course on the grad-student edited page, _543: OU Architectural Theory and Criticism. See below for a sneak peek of a selection of student posters!