“The American School of Architecture” Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art Spring 2019

The centerpieces of the “The American School of Architecture” exhibition will be original drawings and  newly constructed models of buildings by architects associated with the American School. While some of these buildings, such as Herb Greene’s Prairie House, are well known to scholars and architects, many others, such as the Autumn House (San Francisco) by OU alumna Violeta Autumn or the Blizzard House project by Arn Henderson, are relatively unknown. A virtual reality model of the Bavinger House will allow visitors to experience this lost architectural treasure through digital historic preservation techniques. In addition to architectural projects, the exhibition will include original works of art by alumni such as Chayo Frank, as well as furniture, including a chair designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Price Tower in Bartlesville. These works will be complemented by video interviews of alumni, associates and patrons, including Bart Prince, Herb Greene, Carolyn Price and more. A comprehensive online database, interactive digital timeline and map illustrating the key architects and their built legacy around the world will serve to frame and define the context and key figures of the American School.
For more information about the exhibition, contact Stephanie Pilat ( spilat@ou.edu).