The Frank House is a combination of three favorite Oklahoma subjects: Frankoma Pottery, Route 66, and architect Bruce Goff.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999 by architect Arn Henderson, another Oklahoma icon, the 1955 house was designed by world-famous architect Bruce Goff for John and Grace Lee Frank, founders of Frankoma Pottery, once a Route 66 landmark business. The house design included many bricks and tiles hand-glazed by the Frank Family in their pottery facility.

Fourteen students (7 undergraduate students studying Architecture or Environmental Design; 7 graduate students studying Adult Education or Regional and City Planning) completed a report that focused on the preservation issues ranging from landscaping elements to exterior materials to interior issues. In addition to a digital copy, the final report was placed in a 3-ring binder for ease of rearranging and prioritizing work to be done.

Project Collaborators:Kandy Steeples;  Ronald H. Frantz, Jr.;  Students of the 2016 Fall Semester Class of Historic Preservation Planning (En D 4893 and RCPL 5893) and Historic Buildings of Oklahoma (ARCH 5970);  Graduate Student: Petya Stefanoff;  Architecture Student: Grace Sanders;  Environmental Design Students: Nolan Aparicio, Alex Autry, Julie Benyshek, Collin Power, Ian Ruhnke, Vireak They;  Regional and City Planning Students (graduate): Lora Gwartney, Carlos Moore, Rhys Wilson, Jane Wyrick, Ryan Connor, Mitchell Moore