Professor Documents Historic Ganjali Khan Complex

In July 2018, Dr. Khosrow Bozorgi began his research on and documentation of the Ganjali Khan complex, located in the desert city of Kerman, Iran. The Ganjali Khan complex was built in the 15th century from clay and mud bricks, typifying the millennia-old architectural tradition of the region. The massive structure consists of bazaars, baths, mosques, other public and private buildings, courtyards of various sizes, and connecting paths. Dr. Bozorgi used a drone to document the inside and outside of the complex and has recorded 19,000 square meters of the complex thus far; the data will be used to create the complex’s first plan layout. Dr. Bozorgi’s results will be exhibited by the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture’s Center for Middle Eastern Architecture and Culture (CMEAC) in the coming semesters.

All images are property of Dr. Khosrow Bozorgi and CMEAC.