GCA Rome Program Collaborates with MAXXI, Universities to Offer “Architecture Talks” Series

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The Gibbs College of Architecture’s 2019 Rome Study Abroad Program is co-sponsoring a series of Architecture Talks in Rome. “Architecture Talks” is a series of design lectures, presented by Iowa State University, Temple University, the University of Oklahoma, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Academic Initiatives Abroad, in collaboration with MAXXI, the Italian national museum of contemporary art and architecture. “Architecture Talks” will a selection of international professionals and practices working on architecture, landscape and urban design, including AWP (London), Demogo (Trevise), Mass Design (Boston-Kigali) and Rica studio (Madrid-New York).

The first lecture was presented by Simone Gobbo, principal at DEMOGO, on Thursday, February 21st, 6pm at MAXXI. In 2019, Demogo won the Europan 10 Competition for the new town hall of Gembloux in Belgium. The building has also been awarded the IQU prize for Innovation and Urban Quality. In 2018 DEMOGO contributed to the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture at the Italian Pavilion – Arcipelago Italia. DEMOGO won the 2018 Gold Medal of Italian Architecture, special section T Young De Albertis at the Triennale di Milano awards.

To learn more about MAXXI, click here.