Gibbs College Announces Student T-Shirt Design Competition

The Gibbs College of Architecture is hosting a t-shirt design competition for students! Any student in the College of Architecture can create and submit a design for a college-wide t-shirt. Students from all divisions are encouraged to participate. The finalists’ designs will be posted to the Gibbs College Instagram (@gibbssooner) to be voted on. The winner’s design will be printed on t-shirts that will be available for purchase in the coming months. The winner will receive a free t-shirt for themselves and a friend!

Your design must:

  • be inclusive of all divisions (i.e. the design should not focus solely on architecture)
  • be on a transparent background
  • be a minimal design with limited detail
  • be submitted as an EPS filetype

Designs are due October 7th and can be submitted here! Please contact Kendall Kleoppel with any questions.