Gibbs College Hosts “Safer During COVID-19: Ventilation, Technology and the Need for Resilience in Future Buildings” Webinar on July 9, 2020

Building on the conversations about the future of design pedagogy that were started during the March 2020 “Schools of Thought” conference, the Gibbs College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma is hosting a series of webinar conversations that explore how to adapt to our changing world, or better yet, how to rebuild it as a better world.

About the session

The purpose of the “Safer During COVID-19″ panel is to bring to the fore our current best practices and advice on how to make interior/enclosed spaces safer. We hope to discuss which principles, techniques and technologies can assist with retrofits and what considerations should apply for new builds. One of the areas we’re highlighting is the tendency for buildings to be difficult to adapt to the bare requirements for safety in the time of COVID, largely due to how their air-handling systems were designed, and most often due to the prevalence of inoperable windows.

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Safer During COVID-19: Ventilation, Technology and the Need for Resilience in Future Buildings

Thursday, July 9, 2020

4:00 – 5:30 p.m. EST

Meet the Panelists

Lee Fithian, University of Oklahoma

Lee has over 17 years of commercial and governmental practice experience, including serving as former Director of Sustainable Design at the Benham Companies. Within the State of Oklahoma, she helped found the Oklahoma Sustainability Network and the State Chapter of the US Green Building Council. Lee currently serves as Chair of the Committee on the Environment for the AIA Central Oklahoma Chapter. Lee’s research and teaching efforts focus on the application of biological and ecological models to architectural design. She builds connections between interdisciplinary research and architectural design to conserve and regenerate air and water in urban and suburban environments.

Kristina Leach, University of Oklahoma

Kristina Leach is a theorist, strategist and historian of architectural design. Her academic work explores the interplay between technology, culture and architecture’s design medium. She uses the insights from this work to create user-focused strategies in the civic, corporate and academic worlds.

Douglas L. Watts, RJC Engineers

Doug has over 35 years of experience in both architecture and engineering. He is involved in investigations and assessments of existing building envelopes, management of envelope retrofits, and envelope design consultations with architects for new construction projects. Having worked in prestigious engineering and architectural firms, as a university lecturer and a researcher, and as a building envelope specialist for the City of Vancouver, Doug joined RJC in 2002, and was made Principal in 2011.

The Summer Schools of Thought Series is led by Stephanie Pilat, Angela Person and Tony Cricchio.