Gibbs College Staff Honored With Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Award

Seven Gibbs College staff were recently honored with the Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Award, which recognizes all-around excellence in supporting the Gibbs College and University mission, as well as professionalism.

Bonebrake, for whom the award is named, served as Bruce Goff’s assistant at OU (learn more). Honorees were nominated by their colleagues in Gibbs College through an open nomination process.

Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Honoree

Camille Germany

Staff Assistant III

“Camille is truly an essential member of the Gibbs College team. Whether helping to coordinate multiple faculty searches at the same time, hosting our inaugural alumni podcast, or supporting the disbursement of emergency COVID-19 scholarships, to name a few of her projects and talents, Camille brings consistent kindness, care and good humor to our community. I cannot imagine this place without Camille.”

Congratulations, Camille!

Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Honoree

David Kyncl

Academic Counseling Professional II

“Dave has helped Gibbs College nimbly respond to student support needs in the midst of our Spring 2020 shift to online learning and advising. Particularly impressive was his passion for using the online tools at his disposal to recruit students via tailored Zoom and email interactions, when they were unable to tour campus. We now have a strong incoming freshman class, despite the challenges of the pandemic!”

Congratulations, David!

Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Honoree

Ginger Murray

Administrator II/Assistant to the Deans

“Ginger has been such a positive addition to the team, her willingness to not only juggle the many things put on her plate but also always willing to see if she can assist you with things that you have on yours is the true definition of teamwork and we are lucky to have her.”

Congratulations, Ginger!

Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Honoree

Jerry Puckett

Technical Project Management Specialist III

“The preparations Jerry has undertaken to get Gould Hall ready to safely host our faculty, staff and students this Fall are truly Herculean. Jerry consistently puts others ahead of himself, and he wishes for the quality of his work to be viewed as an indicator of his commitment level to members of our community. I sense that everyone in our college sincerely looks forward to working with Jerry.”

Congratulations, Jerry!

Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Honoree

Andrew Rowley

IT Specialist II

“Andrew will patiently help you work through any technical issue, no matter how big or small. We’ve all benefited from his thoughtful support of our community’s diverse technical needs, from trouble shooting software to getting presentations set up for high profile speakers. His composed and collegial demeanor brings a sense of calm to what might otherwise be very stressful situations.”

Congratulations, Andrew!

Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Honoree

Peter Tran

IT Specialist III

“Peter has supported the college significantly during the pandemic with all of our tech needs in a professional and efficient manner. The pandemic has required critical changes and adjustments, but Peter has gone above and beyond with assisting faculty with our classroom and research adjustments. With almost weekly changes during spring, he never panicked and was always there to support where needed.”

Congratulations, Peter!

Fall 2020 Jerri Hodges Bonebrake All-Around Staff Honoree

Erin Tyler

Director of Advising

“Erin Tyler has patiently coached hundreds of Gibbs students through their academic studies at OU. But she has also done so much more: her approach to advising is boundless. She helps students struggling with mental health issues, family issues, job loss, as well as struggles with classes, professors and curricula. She offers this unconditional support with the utmost professionalism. As a colleague, she is kind, always responsive, always helpful and supportive. She is a star in our college. She models the kind of professionalism and compassion we should celebrate.”

Congratulations, Erin!