Gibbs College Student Journal Announces Call for Submissions

The Gibbs College of Architecture student journal Telesis invites contributors to be a part of their award-winning publication.  

Following Telesis “Isolation” (Vol. III), the Telesis team is considering the theme of “Habitation” in its forthcoming volume (Vol. IV). They are curating a striking collection of design proposals, artworks, essays, stories, design poems, and other media that evoke encouragement, inspiration, and urgency related to the future of habitation.  

Read on for more information about submitting your own anecdote, article, essay, illustration, manifesto, photograph, project (past, present, or future), short story, or other work that enables your fullest response to the topic of Habitation. 


Submissions Due: Monday, November 1st


Contact the Telesis team at

About the Topic: Habitation

Following Telesis “Isolation” (Vol. III), the Telesis team is considering the theme of “Habitation” in its forthcoming volume (Vol. IV).

Architects, designers, engineers, artists, and others are constantly participating in processes which shape our world. Many dominant cultures have believed themselves to be separate from and, at times, superior to, nature. By contrast, Telesis seeks contributions that explore means of habitation co produced with and in support of the environment.

This call for submissions invites projects that seek to invigorate aspirations for change, help cope with environmental uncertainty, and, most importantly, propose solutions for the future of habitation in light of a changing climate. Telesis “Habitation” (Vol. IV) invites problem solvers from all disciplines to question how we may ensure all things, living and non-living, may continue to inhabit our planet.

Questioning the consequences and possibilities of habitation will involve developing new strategies for housing, food systems, the future of work, education, consumerism, and more. Submissions that merge humanities, social science, and scientific perspectives are encouraged. We hope to create a collection of design proposals, essays, stories, and any other medium to evoke inspiration and urgency.