Gibbs Staff Member Wins Staff Senate Outstanding Performance Award

Camille Germany, Assistant to the Director of the Division of Architecture, has recently been awarded a University of Oklahoma Staff Senate Outstanding Performance Award as recognition for her outstanding job performance as well as her service and dedication to both Gibbs College and the University of Oklahoma.  

Camille has been working for the Gibbs College of Architecture since 2016, when she began as the only staff assistant to all seven division directors. During her time at Gibbs College, the College has grown from 432 students to 691 today. This time has also included several office staff transitions, where Camille was the only constant. Dr. Stephanie Pilat, Director of the Division of Architecture, writes, “The reality is that she has carried our college through the last two years of a pandemic and many staff transitions. She has been a calm, kind, reliable and consistent member of our team during a tumultuous time in our college and University’s history.” 

Out of 5,000 staff members at the University of Oklahoma, Camille was chosen for this award because of her consistent drive to go above and beyond as well as her dedication to learning and growing in her role here at Gibbs.  

Dr. Pilat writes, “First, she is always professional and kind; she follows through on her commitments and helps everyone with a smile. Second, she takes initiative; when Camille identifies a problem she doesn’t wait to be asked to fix it. She never says ‘that’s not my job;’ she simply works to address the issue. Finally, Camille is a life-long learner. She is the first one to learn new software, new management tools, and new processes.” 

Gibbs College is incredibly appreciative of everything Camille has done for the college over the past five years. Congratulations to Camille on this well-deserved recognition!