Gibbs Teaching Fellow Awarded Research Enhancement Funding 

Marco Piscitelli, an Herb Greene Teaching Fellow of Interior Design and Architecture, was recently awarded funding as a part of the Gibb’s College of Architecture’s Program for Research Enhancement. Each year, this merit-based program grants funds to Gibb’s faculty members in order to increase their research and creative activities.  

Piscitelli received the grant to pursue his project Rust on a Razor Blade: the Architecture of Mickey Muennig (1962-2002). Mickey Muenig, otherwise known as “the man who built Big Sur,” was an American architect who largely contributed to the built environment and cultural landscape of the Central Coast of California. 

Muenig was responsible for the development of organic architecture in Big Sur, which is an architectural ideal that promotes harmony between humans and the natural environment. Piscitelli’s proposed project will delve into Muenig’s recently acquired archives, which explore the history of the Big Sur region’s geographical and cultural constraints and how it shaped Muenig’s architectural practices.