Grad Students Develop Concepts for an OKC Persian Cultural Center

During Spring 2019, six graduate students in Dr. Khosrow Bozorgi’s Architectural Design IV course designed and proposed six concepts for the Persian Cultural Center in Oklahoma City.

The course encourages innovative exploration, analysis, and experimentation in developing concept/schematic proposals.

“Their designs are inspired by the essence of Persian architecture,” said Bozorgi.

The students spent over four months designing both the exterior and interior of the building. One design aspect they had to focus on was the influence of classic Persian geometry.

“We are creating a modern contemporary building that escalates the old historical geometry,” said Nour Beshir, a student in the accelerated 2-year Master of Architecture program.

“The most challenging part of the project was bringing together the geometric space frame with the functionality of the building,” said Sean Harrell, another student in the accelerated program.

In addition to the design of the building, the students utilized Persian influence with the gardens and landscaping portion of the project.

Check out the video below to see all of the student designs!

Featured photo: rendering by Nour Beshir