Think back to the first time you stepped foot onto the beautiful University of Oklahoma campus — it probably seemed both exciting and overwhelming. Now, imagine being a new Sooner whose first year at OU looks totally different than they imagined, and who now faces a combination of in-person and online classes unlike those you experienced.

We invite you to help show Gibbs College’s incoming students the support of Oklahoma alumni and friends by sharing a short welcome message and advice for our new students.

How to Submit a Video

The length is up to you, and we’ve provided a list of sample topics to talk about, but feel free to talk about as many or as few as you would like.

Hint: Short and sweet works well, because we will be cutting these videos together into one mash-up!

You video should include:

  • A brief introduction with your name and grad year
  • A welcome/good luck message
  • End with a Boomer Sooner, if you like!

Suggested topics:

  • Your favorite thing about being an Oklahoma alumnus, student, faculty or staff member, or supporter
  • Advice for the class of 2024 as they begin their Oklahoma journey such as:
  1. The thing(s) you know now that you wish you knew as a freshman/first year grad student 
  2. Tips for navigating campus 
  3. Best study spots on campus 
  4. Top restaurants/places to grab a bite in Norman

Submission: Please submit by Monday, August 10.

To submit your video, you have two options:

  • Email your video to
  • Drop your video in this shared folder linked here:

Recording Tips:

  • Record on your phone, a tablet, or from your desktop webcam
  • Film your video horizontally, if possible 
  • Find a quiet place with balanced lighting
  • Speak slowly
  • Keep it short and sweet 
  • Be excited!