New Community Engagement Graduate Certificate Available

There is a new Community Engagement Graduate Certificate available to augment any graduate and professional education degree programs offered at OU Norman, OU-Tulsa, or the OU Health Sciences Center. This certificate is a great opportunity for all graduate students at OU, especially those enrolled in College of Architecture graduate programs who have an interest in community engagement.  

Opportunities to make a difference in the community come in all shapes and sizes, and everyone has talents and skills that can be used to help others. But determining how to best use personal strengths to support the community can be a daunting task.  

The Office of Community Engagement on the OU-Tulsa campus has developed a graduate certificate in community engagement, launching spring 2022, to help students discover how they are uniquely suited to impact the world around them. 

“This graduate certificate is a great opportunity for graduate students from any of our campuses to learn from some of the greatest minds today working in the realm of community engagement,” says Dr. Ken Randall, PT, PhD, MHR, Associate Dean in the College of Allied Health and one of the two Directors of the Office of Community Engagement at OU-Tulsa. “And not only to learn, but also to practice and strengthen their skills through giving back to their community. It should give any graduate a real educational edge.” 

The certificate consists of four sequential courses, meant to be taken over the course of four semesters: 

The Science of Community Engagement – provides an evidence-based foundation of knowledge about the collaborative world of community engagement. 

The Tools of Community Engagement – defines resources available to assist community partners and assess outcomes. 

Community Engagement Apprenticeship – work with a mentor associated with a particular community partner selected by the learner and program faculty. 

Community Engagement Capstone – program implementation experience with a community partner and while receiving advice and guidance from course faculty. 

Click here to learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Community Engagement. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Institute for Quality Communities