OU Architecture Alumnus Announces Firm Rebrand

Miller, an Oklahoma City based architectural firm, recently announced that they will be expanding their services beyond the healthcare industry. Founded by Darin Miller (who graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1991) in 1998, Miller has planned and designed more than 500 healthcare projects across the United States. These projects include many of the SSM Health facilities in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. They were also the first firm in Oklahoma to design Freestanding Emergency Departments (FED), which broaden healthcare services and reach in both small and large communities. 

Miller operates on a unique model that provides financing, development, design, and construction work for clients. This model allows Miller to develop full-service solutions for modern healthcare facilities. Darin Miller says, “We are proud to offer vertically integrated services for all our clients. Our team has a proven record of success in healthcare. We know the industry and understand the ins-and-outs of a complicated regulatory landscape.”  

Miller’s model is based on the Miller Advancement Plan (MAP), a trademarked process that guides all projects and ensures successful outcomes for clients. It includes design and construction services, as well as uniquely offering funding through the Miller Financing Method of leasing. The ability of Miller to provide clients’ projects with funding sets the firm apart.  

Through MAP, Miller has been able to provide hundreds of communities across Oklahoma and the United States with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. Miller explains, “Our vision is a world where every community, no matter the size, has the healthcare facilities it both needs and deserves. Our goal is to deliver innovative design that creates better facilities, better care and satisfied clients.” 

St. Francis Glenpool Healthplex in Glenpool, Oklahoma – Miller

Today, Miller is taking its unique model beyond the healthcare industry. Ashton Gray, an Oklahoma City based development company, has partnered with Miller on its entire project portfolio since 2018, including 30 non-healthcare projects.  

The Gibbs College of Architecture congratulates Darin Miller and the rest of Miller on their accomplishments over the last twenty years and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors! 

To read the full press release concerning Miller’s rebranding, click here

Featured Image: Left, Darin Miller; Right, Sampling of Project Images from Miller