OU Architecture Prof. Travels to Tunisia, Cataloging North African Architecture

Architecture Professor Dr. Khosrow Bozorgi recently visited Tunisia. While in Tunisia, he traveled approximately 1380 miles by land and captured thousands of images of the stunning architecture of North Africa. He visited many major archaeological sites including Carthage, Kairouan, El Jem, Dougga, and Bulla Regia.

Dr. Bozorgi went on this trip in order to conduct preliminary research to conceptualize a new scholarly book that will discuss the historical purpose of the well-contained courtyard space as commonly shared in architecture and urban settings of North Africa, the Middle East, Rome, and Medieval Normandy. He will start this project once the production of his ongoing book on Philadelphia House is completed at the end of this year. Read more about the Philadelphia House book he is co-authoring with Dr. Keith Gaddie, Associate Dean of Gibbs College, here.

Explore the images Dr. Bozorgi captured in the slideshow below.