“Renegades” American School Exhibition Reviewed in Journal of Architectural Education

The “Renegades: Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture” exhibition, a collaboration of the Gibbs College of Architecture and Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, recently received a favorable review in the Journal of Architectural Education by architectural historian Dr. Elizabeth Keslacy.

See below for an excerpt and follow the link to read the full review.

One set of drawings shows how students responded to weekly prompts to explore abstractions such as rhythm, translucency, and incident. It is striking just how impotent those terms are to describe, much less explain, the students’ responses: drawings of futuristic undersea settlements; geologic landscapes in which the architecture, flora, and terrain are indistinguishable; structures that are simultaneously organic and industrial; and alien megastructures set into the American wilderness.

Elizabeth Keslacy

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