Over the summer, several Gibbs College of Architecture students are working locally and abroad as interns in a diverse range of firms, companies and programs.

For our first highlight, we talked to Cody Poage, a 5th year architecture student interning at ADG, a firm in Oklahoma City that provides architecture and interior design, engineering, program management, and urban planning services.

Poage has worked with ADG for over a year as an architecture intern. His main roles and duties include: assisting project managers and architects with developing the project through various ways of documentation and drawings.

“Through the process, I have been able to learn about how all of the disciplines interact together, how to communicate in the industry, and how to interact and engage with clients/consultants,” said Poage.

In addition to learning crucial skills, he is receiving credit toward the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), aiding him on his path to licensure. He is also making connections with fellow colleagues.

Photo courtesy of ADG

“Those relationships and valued learning experiences with advanced peers in the industry has been exceptional,” said Poage. “It’s a great way to get your name out there and allows you to make those connections in the industry much sooner in your early career, which is an invaluable tool.”

Numerous events at GCA have helped him prepare for this position. From attending learning workshops about resume building, to portfolio workshops and mock-interviews, his time at GCA has prepared him to excel upon graduation.

“What I like most about the division of architecture is how engaged and supporting the professors are,” Poage said. ” They strive to give the opportunity for students to learn, grow and excel in the industry.”

For future architecture students, Poage recommends collaborating with professors and fellow colleagues as much as possible to get the most exposure and knowledge within the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

“Be creative, dynamic and diverse.”

Another recommendation is to have good time management. Start early on resumes and portfolios, and start making professional connections to get your name out there, he explained.

Participate in all of the workshops and learning opportunities that GCA offers, because they do help and prepare you.”

Photo courtesy of John Grunewald

Check out his portfolio to see more.

Featured photo provided by Cody Poage