Alumni Highlight: Lynnsee Boyse, Construction Science

This semester, we are highlighting alumni from each of our seven disciplines. This week, we talked to Lynnsee Boyse! Lynnsee graduated with a degree in Construction Science in 2012 and is now a Project Manager at JE Dunn in Texas. Previously, she was a project manger for JE Dunn in Oklahoma City.

What hooked you on a career in construction?

Growing up I always wanted to have a career within the built environment. After graduating high school I attended The University of Oklahoma where I began my studies in architecture. I transitioned to a degree within the construction science division during my freshman year after learning more about what a career in construction had to offer. Being able to build buildings that shape our communities and impact the lives of many people is a rewarding experience that offers a lasting legacy.

What is one of your favorite memories from your career at JE Dunn?

My favorite memory from my career thus far at JE Dunn would have to be working on my very first project; a fifty (50) patient bed rehabilitation hospital in Oklahoma City. Like many of our projects it had a tight budget and schedule and we worked daily to mitigate issues that we encountered. Although the project was tough, the amount of support our team received and the true sense of passion and hard work that each of our team members operated with, made it an exceptional experience. We weren’t just building a building, we were enjoying what we were doing and recognized the impact that it would have on the Oklahoma City community. Being my first project out of college, this hospital job confirmed why I chose not only a career in construction, but a career at JE Dunn.

What advice would you have for young people interested in construction?

For those people interested in entering the construction industry I would say to do as much research as possible. The industry offers many different career paths, so investigate which career path and company suits them best. If they are not sure what career path that is, look for a company that allows them to explore different options. JE Dunn allows our employees the flexibility to be able to move between departments and specialties as we determine what path works best and as our careers develop. Also, gaining insight into the construction industry through internships is an invaluable experience that offers a true perspective of day to day operations in the industry.

Tell us about one of your big, current projects and your role on that project.

I am currently operating as the Project Manger on our design-build Oklahoma State Capitol Restoration project. The project includes the restoration of the Capitol’s exterior façade and various exterior components of the building. My role consists of coordinating with our design-build team on day to day issues that we may encounter due to the nature of restoring a 100-year-old building, coordinating the completion of our design and ensuring we stay within our current project budget, and coordinating with the Owner to ensure the project is being delivered in accordance to their expectations. My daily coordination includes design, construction, and Owner meetings, legislative tours and presentations, video updates and oversight of any cost or financial aspects of the project. As a design-build team, our purpose and initiative on this project is to preserve an Oklahoma legacy and place where future generations can build upon our forefathers by empowering our state through a spirit of hard work, collaboration, and dedication to the democratic process.

We also asked Lynnsee a few questions about her experience as a student in the Gibbs College of Architecture and her life post-GCA.

What experiences at the OU Gibbs College of Architecture contributed to your success? 

Having courses that industry professionals helped develop to better prepare us to join the workforce and having professors that were passionate about teaching and driven to ensure all students were successful. Also the continuous cycle of improving courses as the industry changes and the abundant amount of scholarships available.

What are some professional accomplishments you’re proud of?

Being promoted to Project Manager at JE Dunn within 5 years and being the Project Manager over the $50 million exterior restoration of the Oklahoma Capitol.

Student Questions

How has working at the Capitol changed your perspective on building?

Our project purpose statement at the Capitol is: “preserving the history of our state.” We are doing more than just cleaning stone and making the windows look pretty, we are making the building sage again and restoring it to its original grandeur from 100 years ago. This project has helped me understand that it’s not just about building a building, that building serves a purpose!

Do you have any advice specifically for women that want to enter the industry?

Don’t let the stereotypes deter you from entering the industry. Women play a vital role in this industry, especially as we encounter more and more women owners and clients.

Editor’s Notes

We would like to give a big thank you to Lynnsee for taking the time to answer our questions and give us a look into her life post-GCA. For a behind-the-scenes look, check out her story takeover in the highlights on our Instagram!

The first portion of this Q&A originally appeared in JE Dunn’s spotlight for Women In Construction