Construction Science Assistant Professor Reyes Earns PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology

Assistant professor of Construction Science Matt Reyes recently earned his PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology, with a dissertation titled “Using Cognitive Task Analysis to Describe Spatial Reasoning Processes.” A brief overview of Reyes’ research is shared below:
This study is rooted in the idea that the ability to navigate a three-dimensional environment, both in reality and virtually, the ability to imagine and manipulate three-dimensional objects, and the ability to visualize one’s own orientation with respect to an object are important skills. These spatial skills are critical for solving problems and operating in the world. Like many skills, spatial skills can be taught and improved. Educational games are explored as a possible instructional tool for teaching these skills. In order to better understand how such an educational game should be designed, the cognitive components that are involved in solving spatial reasoning tasks were investigated through the use of a cognitive task analysis (Reyes 2017).
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