Construction Science Faculty Awarded Second Grant to Study Management of Bridge Construction Projects 

Construction Science associate professors Matthew Reyes (left) and Somik Ghosh (right) have been awarded a second grant by the Southern Plains Transportation Center (SPTC) for $39,845. The SPTC is an organization that conducts research to solve transportation problems created by climate related events. It is comprised of eight universities from the Southern Plains region, including the University of Oklahoma.  

When submitting a project proposal for a major project over $500 million with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), contractors must include a Project Management Plan (PMP). A PMP centralizes information, guides decision making, and demonstrates how a team will successfully execute a project.  

With their last grant, Reyes & Ghosh designed a PMP framework specifically for Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) projects. ABC is a design planning approach that uses innovative methods to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete bridge constructions and minimizes disruptions associated with construction. With this new grant, the research team will capture the effectiveness of PMPs on ABC projects.  

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