Dr. Tammy McCuen, professor of Construction Science, and co-authors signed an agreement with Wiley & Sons Publishing for a book titled “Guide to the BIM Body of Knowledge: Metrics, KSAs, and Learning Outcomes for Developing BIM Talent.”

The Building Information Modeling Body of Knowledge (BIM BOK) provides a systematic framework to address state-of-the-art BIM use cases and competency (i.e. knowledge, skills and abilities) expected for professionals and college students who would like to pursue a career in BIM. The focus of this book is to provide practical guidance on a systematic approach of BIM teaching and training, as well as learning assessment in both higher education and corporate contexts using the BIM BOK.

The book essentially works as a road map that navigates users through the BIM BOK to develop teaching and training strategies in alignment with their specific teaching and training objectives, and also develop metrics to evaluate outcomes and measure success.