Brady Smith is a Senior Construction Science major at Gibbs College of Architecture who is interning at Flintco in Oklahoma City. For his internship, Smith is working as a field engineer. He is gaining knowledge about how the construction industry operates.

“I know we learn and read about the industry, but going into my internship I was excited to see how it operated first hand,” he said.

Smith says his time here at GCA has helped prepare him for his internship and future career, because the classes are structured in a way that allows students to experience what it is like to be out in the field.

“The teaching allows students to make a smooth transition from school to the field.”

– Brady Smith

Initially, coming into construction science from a different major was intimidating, he said. However, the students, professors and administration were all very accepting.

“I really enjoy the ‘small-town’ vibe the program offers. All of the classes are very interactive and create a non-intimidating atmosphere that allows students to be very vocal.”

Smith said his favorite project during his time at GCA has been working on two residential multi-family units in Norman as part of his Methods and Materials II class taught by Prof. Bryan Bloom.

“This was a great opportunity for everyone that participated because we were able to physically build a structure,” he said.

“It was a great experience being able to see first-hand what was being taught.”

For incoming students, Smith says that getting involved with as many Construction Science activities as possible is vital.

“The more active you are, the more opportunities you have to build relationships and knowledge.”

Photos provided by Brady Smith