Women in Construction Event Gives Students Hands on Experience Operating Equipment

The Haskell and Irene Lemon Division of Construction Science recently hosted a Women in Construction Equipment Day. Women students in any construction related field were invited to attend the event, where were able to learn how to operate equipment as well as meet other students and women in the industry.  

United Rentals sponsored the event and provided a boom lift, a mini-excavator, a skid steer, a concrete buggy, and a jackhammer with a vibrator plate. Students were given the opportunity to operate these pieces of equipment under the direction of professionals. The event was also sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction Oklahoma City chapter.

Margo Gnad, the Vice President of the Construction Science Association, said, “I think events like this are important in creating confidence within women to try something they might feel they aren’t able to do. Even though oftentimes these women won’t actually be using this equipment themselves in the workforce, I believe by getting the opportunity to be on it and operate these things we can also have a better understanding of the people we will be working with and asking to perform tasks with the equipment.” 

While construction science might be a traditionally male-dominated field, it is important that the future generation of construction science professionals be diverse and inclusive. The Gibbs College of Architecture is committed to fostering an environment that empowers future women construction science professionals.  

The Construction Science Division hopes to make this event a recurring fall event, giving future women students the same amazing opportunity.