Interior Design Professor Publishes Essays in Pakhalé Book “Culture of Creation”

Dr. Tiziana Proietti, an assistant professor in the divisions of Interior Design and Architecture, was recently published in award-winning designer Satyendra Pakhalé‘s book, Culture of Creation.

Satyendra Pakhalé

The 448-page publication features critical essays by leading design thinkers and practitioners, both in and outside of the ‘design world,’ and took more than two years to complete.

When Pakhalé talks about ‘sensorial design,’ he is not attaching any label to the act of making, but bringing our attention back to experience as the core of art.”

– Dr. Tiziana Proietti

The monograph “aims to initiate a new debate about design and its plurality and diversity in the contemporary cultural context,” according to the press release. It brings new facts and facets of design history to attention for the first time challenging preconceived notions such as the legendary Ulm Model, the Aristotelian five senses and the common understanding of traditions and cultural background from India.”

The book covers a wide range of topics, such as the culture of making, social modernity, poetic analogy, sensorial design, plurality of expression in design, secular humanism, and much more.

You may learn more and purchase the book here.