Gibbs College Faculty Honored with 2020 James L. Kudrna All-Around Faculty Award

Two Gibbs College faculty, Tiziana Proietti and Rick Skaggs, were recently honored with the Fall 2020 James L. Kudrna All-Around Faculty Award, which recognizes all-around excellence in teaching, research, and service, as well as professionalism (promoting a safe, welcoming, and inclusive culture) as defined by the GCA’s Annual Faculty Evaluation Criteria (approved Dec. 2019).

Kudrna, for whom the award is named, served as faculty in Gibbs College for many years and recently passed away (learn more). Honorees were nominated by their colleagues in Gibbs College through an open nomination process.

Fall 2020 James L. Kudrna All-Around Faculty Honoree

Tizian Proietti The University of Oklahoma College of Architecture Division of Architecture Proportion Neuroscience

Tiziana Proietti

Assistant Professor

Interior Design & Architecture

“Tiziana Proietti’s passion for design is infectious. As a new faculty in Interior Design, she has brought that passion to her teaching and helped elevate students’ perspective on their work and profession. As a colleague, she is always eager to help out however she can. Where so many have a standard ‘no’ response to requests, she proactively offers assistance before even being asked. She is kind, collegial and a terrific model of how to work across disciplines.”

Congratulations, Tiziana!

Fall 2020 James L. Kudrna All-Around Faculty Honoree

Rick Skaggs


Interior Design

“Rick’s dedication to the college and his very professional attitude that he always seems to push forward no matter who he is dealing with is wonderful light throughout the college. His willingness to always go the extra mile for both his students and his colleagues makes him the spread his years and years of on the job knowledge for these aspiring professionals.”

Congratulations, Rick!