Interior Design Travel Study Experience Featured by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Students at Taliesin West

The Summer 2019 travel study experience of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, led by Interior Design faculty Mia Kile and Natalie Ellis, was recently featured on the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation website in an article entitled “University of Oklahoma Students Explore Rich History of Design at Taliesin West.”

The article provides an overview of the experience, as well as photographs and interviews of the faculty and Gibbs College architecture student Casey Meyer. Read on for an excerpt and the link to the full article.

“This course really broadened my horizon in many ways,” Casey Meyer, University of Oklahoma architecture student said. “My outlook on how architecture and interior design should be approached has changed for the better. Understanding, or experiencing the time, effort and thought that was put into each foot of each building really left me astonished. That is the type of thoughtful design I want to pursue. Not cutting corners and using the land to your advantage. Overall, this course was truly inspiring and such unique experience.”

The students also lived like apprentices not only by living in the student shelters, but also by experiencing School of Architecture at Taliesin traditions like preparing meals for one another and cleaning up after the meals. While they were in Scottsdale the students also visited several other sites of architectural significance including the David and Gladys Wright House, the David Dodge estate, and Arcosanti.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, “University of Oklahoma Students Explore Rich History of Design at Taliesin West,” published October 4, 2019 (Link)

To access the full article, click here.

Featured image: Students presenting their screen interventions on a shelter in the desert.