Drawing on a survey of over 6,000 hiring professionals, Design Intelligence has named two University of Oklahoma design programs in the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, architecture and landscape architecture, among the “Most Hired From” in 2018.

Hans E. Butzer, dean of the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, commented, “I am pleased DI has updated their rankings so that elite smaller programs such as ours can finally be recognized for their excellence. Our students rave about the close-knit learning environments we have created here at the Gibbs College of Architecture.”

Butzer continued, “Our ideally-sized programs prepare our students to impact firms and communities better than most. These rankings prove we know how to run with the big dogs!”

Architecture Ranks Fourth

OU’s Division of Architecture program ranks fourth nationally in the category of “Most Hired From,” among programs with 20-49 graduates per year, ahead of such storied programs as MIT, UCLA Cooper Union, Princeton, and Carnegie Mellon.

Stephanie Pilat, director of the Division of Architecture, commented, “The University of Oklahoma architecture program has long been known for producing graduates recognized for their outstanding design talents, professionalism and collaboration skills.”

Pilat continued, “Our Design Intelligence ranking is a testament to that reputation for excellence: our students are among the most sought after graduates in the architecture profession.”

Landscape Architecture Ranks 21st

OU’s Division of Landscape Architecture program ranks 21st nationally in the category of “Most Hired From,” among programs with fewer than 20 graduates per year, ahead of programs including the City College of New York and the University of Rhode Island.

Leehu Loon, director of the Division of Landscape Architecture, said, “This ranking really speaks to three components of the OU MLA program that we have cultivated and nurtured throughout the last few years.” Loon continued, “First, and foremost, our students come to us from all over the world with very diverse backgrounds and experiences, yet they share the core desire of taking on the challenges of today to make a difference in the world.”

“Secondly, the OU MLA faculty is outstanding and on a daily basis inspires our students to continuously question, problem solve, and create beautiful resilient spaces in a collaborative manner. Lastly, the OU MLA program is tremendously supported by the OU administration including President Jim Gallogly, Provost Kyle Harper, and Dean Hans Butzer.”

Loon reflected, “This support not only speaks to the quality of the OU MLA program, but also to the recognition that landscape architects are uniquely equipped to solve the challenges of today on our campus and throughout the world.”

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