Gibbs Institute for Quality Communities Engages In Tactical Urbanism at Gould Hall to Provide Fun Social Distancing Reminders

Social distancing is a term we’ve heard since March, asking us to distance from one another to reduce the spread of COVID-19. While many of us practice this daily, it can be hard to judge just how far 6 ft. can be.  

This problem led 3rd year Gibbs landscape architecture graduate student and Institute for Quality Communities (IQC) graduate assistant Alice Calmon to lead the Tactical Urbanism project which made use of tempura paint and laser printed stencils placed 6 ft. apart to assist with social distancing and seating near Gould Hall.  

Calmon also designed the stencils and fellow 3rd year IQC landscape architect student and graduate assistant Matthew Kessler joined in for the laser cutting. 

IQC Director Shane Hampton and Ron Frantz, Director of Environmental Design, assisted in setup and painting for the project. 

Hampton was especially thankful to the painters who helped finish the job quickly. 

“Interior design seniors Keyvie Troy and Audrey Warren were a great team on the pink dots,” Hampton said. “Angela Person and Nora (Mier-Person) were in charge of the hopscotch-style mask reminder. Thank you all!” 

If you enjoy seeing the stencils near Gould Hall, we’d love to see your stencil pics on Instagram!