Landscape Architecture and Regional + City Planning Faculty Publish Research in Urban Forum

Sarah Little John Harris Urban Forum

Assistant profs. Sarah Little (Landscape Architecture) and John Harris (Regional and City Planning) recently published in the peer reviewed journal Urban Forum. The article uses maps drawn by youth living in Lusaka, Zambia’s informal settlements to better understand how those youth understand their environment. The analysis suggests that there are several social-spatial anchors of hope in the city’s informal settlements that simultaneously orient youth’s day-to-day lives and long-term aspirations. These findings suggest that the youth locate hope and despair throughout their settlements in discrete locations and also see hope as a group effort. The findings are also used to make recommendations for how urban managers can use this information to support the hopes of informal settlement youth.

Access their full article, entitled “Mapping Hope: How Do Vulnerable Youth Locate Hope in Informal Settlements?,” here.