Graduate Landscape Architecture student, Yashaswini R, Dasarapalli, is spending her summer getting valuable experience as an intern at GH2 Architects, LLC, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While working as a Landscape Architecture Intern, Dasarapalli had the opportunity to visit different sites designed by GH2, attend meetings with people from other disciplines, and learn about technical aspects of design and implementation in a professional setting.

“These experiences broadened my scope of understanding of the subject and [its] challenges.”

-Yashaswini Dasarapalli

In preparation for her internship, Dasarapalli says she gained valuable experience at Gibbs College of Architecture.

“Apart from the well-structured curriculum that the Landscape Architecture division has, the presentations at the end of each semester helped me put forth my ideas without fear.”

Dasarapalli is an international student, and she said that being immersed in a new culture and language can be quite challenging. Despite this, she reports that the high standards put upon each student helped her to overcome her fears.

“Being an international student, who is new to the culture and language, I could have been in a position where my insecurities would have taken over me if it wasn’t for those presentations where one must pitch their idea verbally and graphically.”

During her time in as a Landscape Architecture student, Dasarapalli has worked on many incredible projects. Her favorite project was designing a healing garden for the Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma City.

“After interacting with the clients in the hospital, all of my peers along with me felt a sense of responsibility to design and cater to the needs of the patients.”

This sense of responsibility eventually allowed for the creation of the beautiful design concept shown below.

“The concept of my design was to include elements of nature into [it] to accelerate the effect of nature on each person at each destination within the site.”

During her time at OU, Dasarapalli has experienced many different classes. Her favorite, however, is the time she has spent in the design studio.

“It is the golden hour for our creative mind.”

During studio, students will design and brainstorm ideas with each other and find ways to bring out the best in their designs.

“Our professors provide us with constructive criticism and encourage us to explore through the lengths of creativity and design.”

For incoming landscape architecture students, Dasarapalli says that an understanding of the discipline of landscape architecture and what to expect from the program is essential.

“Landscape architecture is exciting and provides a new perspective to look at outdoor spaces, trees and experiences,” she said.

“The program develops a sense of responsibility towards nature in each individual.”

Photos provided by Yashaswini Dasarapalli