Welcome to Carceral Studies Conversations, the University of Oklahoma Carceral Studies Consortium‘s podcast series. The Carceral Studies Consortium strives to build a community for intellectual exploration that includes faculty, staff, graduate students, community members, practitioners, and organizers. Carceral Studies is concerned with the independent function and nexus of the political and social systems that organize, shape, sustain, and entrench practices of punishment, surveillance, incarceration, and harm.

This podcast series seeks to understand and illuminate the Carceral State and its manifestations. This project allows us to deconstruct these complex systems and build a more just society. The series offers multiple perspectives into the Carceral State and its impact.

We encourage feedback, suggestions, and article suggestions. Please reach out to carceralstudies@ou.edu with any ideas, thoughts, recommendations, or if you would like to join the conversation.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 2: Dr. Kirk “Jae” James (coming soon!)

On this episode, Dr. Jae James discusses trauma, the global and historical development of mass incarceration, and the creation of brave spaces for awareness and liberation.

Episode 1: Dr. Liza Black (11/11/20)

On this episode, Dr. Liza Black talks about carcerality, Indian Country, and the crisis of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.