Gibbs College Seminar to Focus on Immigrant Architect Experiences

This Brown Bag Seminar is designed as a panel discussion illustrating the life of immigrant architects here in the U.S. It will consist of professionals working all over the country who were not born here in the U.S. The event will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, April 21st, 2021, from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

The event will feature the following panelists:

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Zoom Meeting ID: 952 7959 6524
Zoom Passcode: 74781510

Event Format

These professionals will share their stories of how they managed to overcome the struggles of cultural and language barriers they have faced over their careers. They will also talk about some of the gender and racial discrimination they have encountered and offer some tips on how to handle these situations.

The panelists will conclude the session by sharing experiences starting a new firm. The panelists will wrap up by about their volunteer experiences in their local communities, their contributions to the country, and, finally, how they have come to love the U.S.

This event is made possible by the Bruce Goff Chair of Creative Architecture endowment. Please contact Ron Frantz with questions about the event (