RCPL Faculty Member Honored with OU Inclusive Excellence Award

Aujean Lee is an assistant professor of Regional and City Planning. She earned her PhD from UCLA in the Department of Urban Planning, where she was also a research associate for the UCLA Center for Neighborhood Knowledge. Her research focuses on residential segregation and racial disparities in homeownership, wealth and community institutions.

Drs. C. Aujean Lee (GCA’s Division of Regional and City Planning) and Gabriela Rios (English) were awarded the Spring 2019 Inclusive Excellence Award from the OU Office of University Community for their class project, (Re)Mapping Norman.

This forthcoming oral history collection project and website will present the stories of indigenous people, immigrants, and refugees in the area to help students and the public see how historic events (slavery, genocide, removal, war, and migration) are linked to current experiences and give them a responsibility to account for the consequences of these events today.

The inclusive grant is awarded every semester to faculty or staff to support research and innovative projects that address issues of equity, inclusion, inclusive pedagogies, historical contexts on indigenous people, and issues of diversity.

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