RCPL Faculty Publishes an Article on Asian Americans and Public Institutions 

Dr. C. Aujean Lee, an Assistant Professor in the Regional + City Planning Department, recently published an article in Public Integrity, a leading journal in the field of public administration. Dr. Lee co-authored the article with Aarika Forney, an OU doctoral student in Political Science.  

The article, titled “A Primer on Asian Americans and Asian American Studies for Public Administration,” serves as an introduction to public administration and public institutions about Asian Americans and community-led efforts to lead to institutional change. The authors also offer recommendations on how an improved understanding of racial groups can improve resource distribution and public decision-making. 

Read the article’s abstract and find a link to the full article below. Congratulations to Dr. Lee on her publication! 


This article serves as an introduction for public administration and public institutions about Asian Americans. The experiences of Asian Americans and the field of Asian American Studies can inform a more nuanced understanding of how racial categories are constructed and community-led efforts that lead to institutional change. Asian Americans offer important insights for public administration, including how to contend with intra- and intergroup differences, how racialization upholds white supremacy, and how to document community-based histories of activism and engagement with public institutions. We end with recommendations to rethink diversity and racial climate in the field. Through a more in-depth understanding of racial categories, public institutions can improve resource distribution and decision-making.

To read the full article, click here.