Regional and City Planning Faculty Member Profiled by Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning

Regional and City Planning assistant professor Bryce Lowery was recently profiled by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP). In the interview, which looks at how he became involved with ACSP leadership, what he wanted to be when he was growing up, and his goals for the field, Dr. Lowery says, “Food systems planning is a dynamic field. I’m amazed by all the momentum among planning, public health, and agricultural scholars and practitioners. Moving from California to Oklahoma proved to be an extremely valuable learning experience for me. A place like California that grows many of the fruits and vegetables eaten there contrasts starkly to a place like Oklahoma where everything is generally shipped in from somewhere else. The opportunities for agriculture to foster economic, social, and environmental improvements seems almost limitless in a place like this. New models of farming seem to suggest that, even in the tall grass prairie of the Great Plains, there may be opportunities to grow, harvest, and enjoy local produce. I hope to be part of the trajectory toward increasing local food security and food sovereignty.”

To read Dr. Lowery’s full ACSP profile, click here.