Meghan Wieters, assistant professor of Regional and City Planning, recently published the article “(Inter)facing the Anthropocene: Representing an interdisciplinary interaction” in the journal Resilience, with colleagues Zev Trachtenberg, Antonio J. Castro, Kiza Gates, Asa Randall, Ingo Schlupp, Lynn Soreghan, and Noah Theriault. Wieters said, “The work [described in the article] was a focused, moderated online blog with targeted readings covering aspects of the Anthropocene from a wide variety of disciplines. The group, led by our courageous Zev Trachtenberg, worked to essentially categorize our thoughts and link them beyond a traditionally linear fashion.” Congratulations, Dr. Wieters!

To learn more about this work, you can visit the moderated “Habitation in the Anthropocene” blog here or access the Resilience article linked here (paywall).