The Carceral Studies Consortium announces a $250 student work prize for Spring 2021. Students may submit an original essay or creative work created as part of any course in any discipline during the 2020-2021 academic year that deals with the topic of Carceral Studies, broadly conceived. 

Carceral Studies takes as its primary subject of inquiry the contemporary problem of states and societies organized by punishment and incarceration. This area of scholarship inquires into the wide range of conditions that organize social and political systems—from cultural thought to the built environment to apparatuses of state governance—that shape, sustain, and entrench practices and commonsense notions of punishment and incarceration. 

Submissions are not limited to essays, but may be in any creative form, including but not limited art in any medium or a written essay. We encourage submissions that you researched and created for other courses at OU.  

Submissions are due May 1st, 2021, via the portal linked here: