Undergraduate Carceral Studies Courses at OU

Are you an undergraduate student interested in learning more about Carceral Studies? Carceral Studies crosses disciplines and colleges at OU, so we’ve compiled a list of undergraduate courses related that have been recently offered at OU.

Note that these courses may have prerequisites. Please contact the course instructors with any questions about specific course content.

  • AFAM 4813: Lynching and Racial Violence (Irregular)
  • AFAM 4813: Prison Industrial Complex (Irregular)
  • ANTH 3783: Anthropology of Slavery (GE: IV-NW; Fall, Spring)
  • CLC 3403: Law and Justice (GE: IV-WC; Fall)
  • ENGL 2713: Black Literature in U.S. (Irregular)
  • ENST 3223: Environmental Justice (Irregular)
  • HES 3583: Sociocultural Aspects Health (Fall, Spring)
  • HIST 2063: History of Activism (GE: IV-WC; Irregular)
  • HR 4013: Social Change Processes (Irregular)
  • HR 4183: Criminal Justice in Human Relations (Winter, Summer)
  • IAS 3033: International and Human Rights (Irregular)
  • PHCH 3613: Determinants of Health (Fall, Spring)
  • PHIL 3753: Philosophy of Race (GE: IV-WC; Irregular)
  • PSC 3083: Politics of Criminal Justice (Irregular)
  • PSC 3213: Law, Politics, and Society (Spring)
  • PSY 4263: Psychology and Law (Irregular)
  • RCPL 5203: Urban Land Use Controls (Spring)
  • SOC 3353: Race, Class & Gender (Fall, Spring)
  • SOC 3533: The System of Criminal Justice (Fall, Spring)
  • SOC 3553: Sociology of Law (Fall, Spring)
  • SOC 3913: The Death Penalty in the U.S. (Irregular)
  • WGS 3123: Social Justice and Social Change (GE: IV-WC; Irregular)
  • WGS 3233: Women Creating Social Change (GE: IV-WC; Fall)
  • WGS 3263: LGBTQ Movements (Irregular)
  • WGS 3483: Domestic Violence and the Law (Fall)
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General Education Acronyms:

  • GE: IV-WC = This class meets the General Education Western Culture Requirement (Area IV, Humanities)
  • GE: IV-NW = This class meets the General Education Non-Western Culture Requirement (Area IV, Humanities)