Lahari Peluri, an international student from India working on her master’s degree in Urban Design at OU-Tulsa, is currently interning at LandPlan Consultants. During her internship, she recently had the opportunity to participate in a parklet competition. We are proud to announce that she won first place!

The competition, hosted by Tulsa Young Professionals (“TYPROS”), was entitled “STREET CRED : PROJECT PARKLET.” The challenge was to transform parking spots into more vibrant spaces that support social distancing.

Peluri had the opportunity to work on this competition project, representing her internship firm, LandPlan Consultants, and partnering with This Machine Tulsa. Peluri’s winning “Work Bike Value” concept for the competition included an active outdoor workspace for downtown Tulsa, featuring socially distanced and stationary bicycle-desks.

Peluri said, “It’s different how architecture is turning out to be during the pandemic. All of us are doing work from home with no exercise and no movement.” She continued, “Tulsa is working towards this project to make it into reality with help of Downtown Tulsa and Tulsa Planning.”

Hopefully Tulsa can enjoy the “work+workout” parklet soon! Congratulations, Lahari!

To view the winning design concept, click here.

And the winner of our Street Cred: Project Parklet parklet design contest is……..Work Bike Value designed by…

Posted by Tulsa's Young Professionals on Friday, September 18, 2020