Vanessa Morrison Authors Column in The Oklahoman

Vanessa Morrison, the Associate Director of the OU Institute for Quality Communities and co-founder of Open Design Collective, recently authored a column in The Oklahoman titled “Let’s celebrate everyday, unseen roles Black women play in Oklahoma communities.”  

Vanessa discusses the vital roles that Black women often play without garnering recognition or attention. She writes, “Black women continuously work to restore and uplift our community even in the absence of the resources to do this intentional work. Collectively, Black women tirelessly serve our community to solve many of the challenges we face, and it is because of the wildly visionary capabilities of the Black women who’ve come before us, and the ones who now stand beside us, that many of us are driven to be achievers today.”  

She calls on readers to celebrate the everyday roles that Black women play – ones that might go unseen but are incredibly impactful to the community. She mentions hair stylists and chosen big sisters as just some of those unseen roles that help support her and the community. Vanessa recognizes the Black women that came before her, writing, “We carry these women in our spirit and lean on them to guide us, not only in the work we do, but in the life that we live.”  

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