Arch. Students Use Artificial Intelligence to Design Building Proposals 

Students at the University of Oklahoma are leading the way with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the design process. A group of Architecture students were the first at Gibbs to use an AI image-generating program to aid in the design process for their final studio project. 

Professor of Architecture René Peralta implemented this technology in his studio as a part of a semester long project. Peralta’s students utilized a program called Midjourney, which uses AI technology to transform text prompts into visual images. 

Midjourney assisted students as they worked on their design proposal for a Native American Studies building on campus. The program allowed them to generate images surrounding Indigenous architecture theories using terminology and ideas from Laura Harjo’s book “Spiral to the Stars.” Harjo is a Mvskoke scholar and associate professor in the Department of Native American studies.  

MidJourney designs for the Indigenous Storytelling project

One of the main benefits of the program is its ability to cater to students’ specific needs. Midjourney can provide reference images that are much more personalized than typical images found online, which is incredibly helpful during the design process. 

Peralta hopes that AI will continue to be a part of architecture education. This technology has the potential to streamline the design process and give students more time to focus on the theory and ideas behind architecture. 

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