Students Share Updates from Spring 2019 Rome Travel Study Experience

Noah Baker sketches at Palazzo Mattei.

Gibbs College of Architecture students who are currently studying abroad in Rome during the Spring 2019 semester recently shared some updates about and stunning photos of their experiences.

“Over the past two months, I have been exposed to numerous learning opportunities. With urban walks each week and the trip to Verona and Milan, I have expanded my urban analysis and sketching skills. Through site analysis, urban morphology assignments, and now designing a boutique hotel, I have learned a great amount about the European Renaissance, medieval and baroque architecture I’m surrounded by while exploring Rome more and more each day”

– Olivia McDonald, GCA Student

“Experiencing Rome through my eyes as an architecture student has turned me from a tourist to a traveler. Arriving in Rome for the first time, I felt the need to see every major tourist attraction as an average tourist would. Not until a few weeks into school did I start to understand the vast complexity of the history around me. Attending lectures and walks is when the layers of Rome began to unfold. During these times it is my obligation to zoom-in and fully grasp the history in front of me. To record this data, sketches a produced to analyze the surrounding spaces.”

“Over spring break I had to opportunity to travel to Stantorini, Greece. In Santorini, it was interesting to see how the different architectural styles communicated with each other forming a coherent system. It seemed as if the town was one structure with paths being used as corridors.”

– Conner VonHolten, GCA Student

“Living and studying in Rome has been an amazing experience. I am constantly learning from the architecture and the urban environment around me. In one day, I’m able to see buildings from the medieval, baroque, and contemporary periods of Rome. It has been two months, and I feel like I have experienced the greatest growth in my education.”

– Mary Davis, GCA Student

“Hi, my name is Connor Hopper, and I wanted to take the time to update everyone back home on how I am doing in Rome this semester. The city is so amazingly complex with its rich layers of history; I am thankful for my methods course where we discuss these layers both in lecture and on walks. It is so cool to learn how history has shaped architecture. I also love my studio course. The charrettes are so fun, and the site for our final project is right next to the Colosseum. This trip has also helped me work on my sketching ability and Italian language skills. We are now at the half way point, and I cannot wait to see what comes next.”

– Connor Hopper, GCA Student

“Rome is an incredible environment to study architecture. Thousands of years of civilizations building on top of one another creates a layering that is very special to observe. Some of the most rewarding moments here have come through interacting and collaborating with Italian architecture students in our International Workshop. I am very thankful for the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of architecture, the Italian language and culture, and the rich history of Rome through studying abroad.”

– Lakin Hall, GCA Student

“Being in Rome this semester has broadened by knowledge beyond belief. I have been able to learn all about the ancient monuments around me as well as the the history of the city. Being absorbed in the amazing architecture and interior design within this part of Italy is an incredible opportunity and I cannot thank OU enough.”

– Ashley Rodarte, GCA Student